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Cartier – L’ENVOL

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Cartier - L'ENVOL
Cartier – L’ENVOL

L’Envol, Cartier’s vitalizing bulb

Cartier is a Parisian brand that has never ceased to magnify male beauty. Also, in this image, L’Envol is his new fragrance. This one has barely seen the light of day when it is already iconic. It shows us all the most beautiful facets of masculinity. L’Envol is aimed at a dynamic and enterprising man, determined and passionate. He was thought of as a hedonistic person, elegant and in love with beautiful things. What is more, this refinement also hides unparalleled technical work worthy of all the know-how of the Cartier house. However, make no mistake, Cartier has not left aside reserved men and they will also find their account within L’Envol. This juice appears differently depending on who wears it and is therefore addressed to all men in their purest diversity.

The many nods to Cartier’s history

If Cartier has chosen to call its perfume L’Envol, it is on the one hand because it encourages the men who wear it to go beyond their own limits as if to better take off. Yes, but not only… L’Envol also pays tribute to one of Louis Cartier’s dearest friends. Indeed, this exceptional man liked to surround himself with people in his image, at the same time ambitious, adventurous and determined. Also, he counted among his dearest friends the aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, a pioneer in his field and having marked his time by his limitless desire to make men fly. This is why this perfume appears here as a tribute to the ambition of this outstanding notable. What is more, the aestheticism of L’Envol also refers directly to the heritage of the Cartier brand. Indeed, its cabochon has a guilloché motif inherited from Cartier watchmaking. As the sign explains, “guilloche is an intaglio engraving technique that dates back to the 16th century. It is an extremely delicate craftsmanship. Each house has its own motif which in a way constitutes its signature. »You will have understood that the one we have on the L’Envol bottle represents thesignature of the Cartier house .

L’Envol, a divine nectar

One only has to observe the sumptuous bottle of L’Envol to immediately fall under its spell. This is the work of technical prowess resulting from unparalleled know-how. This refillable glass case takes the shape of a bell. This seems to protect a precious bulb letting us glimpse a juice the color of molten gold. This becomes even more attractive and then embodies the object of all desires. This divine nectar is similar to mead and contains an exemplary power associated with a breath of vitality. Indeed, L’Envol is a very contrasting fragrance. It is an oriental and transparent fragrance based on a round and mellow heart full of honey and guaiac wood. Nevertheless, this syrupy virility is associated with an aerial impetus emanating from a cloud of vaporous musk. Finally,

The new masculine scent


Surpassing oneself. L’Envol de Cartier is an active substance inspired by mead, created by Mathilde Laurent, House perfumer. A fragrance that gives you the strength to surpass yourself and take off.

The fragrance

An aerial-woody nectar

Wispy, light and powdery airy musk.
Woody: guaiac wood, rare and masculine.
Honey notes, with addictive balmy facets.


A vital bulb in suspension. A Cartier object in its own right. An innovative design, echoing the active substance. A real technical feat. The unique combination of traditional perfume glassware and tableware glassware. A refillable bottle for a double use: nomadic or sedentary.

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