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Nina, a kind of fairy signed Nina Ricci

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Nina, a kind of fairy signed Nina Ricci
Nina, a kind of fairy signed Nina Ricci

Not long ago we told you about the new 2016 perfume: Nina Pop . Today we take a look back at the brand’s iconic flagship perfume: Nina.

Nina is a graceful and romantic perfume that we no longer present. The latter was created in 2006 and has become a staple of the Nina Ricci house. It almost looks like a magic potion with sweet, fruity and greedy scents. With him, biting an apple is not a sin. Its bottle would rather remind us of a love apple, taking us with it in a modern fairy tale. Nina Ricci then offers us a fresh, fruity and very appetizing floral. Its smell is to die for and we never tire of getting caught up in its romantic and sparkling excessively game.

Nina, a modern day heroine

Nina symbolizes a pretty young woman, fresh and dapper. The latter is a kind of heroine of modern times but who does not forsake her innate romanticism. In the advertisement, we see the model Ruslana Korshunova crossing a mountain of red apples until reaching the forbidden fruit, the famous bottle of Nina. The universe is enchanting. It almost feels like immersed in a tale similar to Alice in Wonderland. We are then very far from the torrid aspect of Ecstasy, the last Nina Ricci, played by Laetitia Casta. Ultra-femininity, romanticism and freshness are the dominant elements here, enchanting the unconscious and the collective imagination. Boldness mingles with mischief and the woman becomes all the more sparkling. She then associates all the playfulness of her gaze with her natural beauty and only becomes more resplendent. The world around her is for her a playground where anything is possible. Its disarming freshness and its crazy charm invite to follow it in a wake of elegant indulgence. Its Parisian chic is unparalleled and its refinement is mixed with a hint of carelessness. His world is magical and overturns the codes of luxury to bring us to a world of the most poetic.

Nina Ricci gives us a candy apple

Nina is a floral and gourmet fragrance. In creating the latter, Nina Ricci drew her inspiration from the olfactory interpretation of the candy apple, both juicy and sparkling, but above all deliciously sweet and gourmet. Its flight is made on an accord of caipirinha with a sweet freshness. Also, all its dynamism is immediately put forward through the presence of lime and Calabrian lemon. Its heart, meanwhile, associates the femininity of peony with more gourmet praline. Nothing but the description enough to make more than one salivate … However, it is only at this precise moment that the red apple comes into play. It then releases its fleshy, sweet, and vanilla aspect. Finally, the base combines apple wood with cedar wood. Then, the musk finishes sublimating this extreme pleasure. Logically, Nina’s bottle takes the shape of an apple. This fruit makes, indeed, part of the DNA of Maison Nina Ricci for a long time. This case is nothing but a reinterpretation of that of the Fille d’Ève perfume, launched in 1952. It was then extraordinarily inventive, designed from the very beginning by the Lalique crystal factory. Also, the new bottle of Nina imprints this time a raspberry color, made up of red. What’s more, it is embellished with silvery leaves and looks like it has fallen straight from a magical tree.

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